Don’t Starve You Beauties!

Can you relate any female model you see in ads to any woman in your normal life? With her three inflection points measuring 36-29-38 (36” bust, 29″ waist and 38″ hips)? Hardly any, huh?

In the life we are familiar with, we barely come across those hourglass-shaped women of print-ads, TV commercials, and even of movies. We see only those fruit-shaped ones (banana, apple and pear) in ordinary life.

Women have always had flesh (meat) besides bones and skin. And, men have always loved such women. Here, I ain’t forgetting some exceptional/extraordinary women who want/have wanted to prove otherwise. Unfortunately, exceptions don’t prove the law!

Look at those beautiful damsels you see in classical paintings and sculptures, they are all normal women. Means not skeletal! Even in old movies women are of average shapes. When we see a woman with regular features in ads, we can easily relate to, or sometimes can identify with ourselves. The skinny ones, they look like celestial creatures or someone not earthly.

I don’t know who started this tradition of modeling of malnourished/undernourished women. Some female models starve to remain slim. Some are anorexic – obsessed with losing weight, and force themselves undergo starvation diets. Most of them never make their diet public. Some use drugs to cut down food.

Even though less than eight per cent women have hourglass shape, it is still considered the ideal shape. Who wants this spectre-thin body structure? Not women, for sure. I can, at least, swear by most women who can never achieve or maintain this uncanny shape. It is men who want women to be super slim. Male fashion designers, to be exact.

There are models who have been turned down by (male) designers when they gained weight less than a pound. By creating an elite class of women, designers limit the entry of most women into fashion world.

It is not that good shape is not desirable. But, it should not occur at the cost of health and life. One should not let her body suffer. It should not go to the extent of torture or self-annihilation. If shape means health and long life, it is more than welcome.

There is a reason why I am talking about this now; French actress and model, Isabelle Caro recently died at the age of 28. She was anorexic. She was featured in an anti-anorexia ad campaign. The campaign had sent shock waves across fashion world along with a message – don’t starve you beauties!


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