Shooting Down Cupid!

They have declared war on Feb. 14, the most ‘romantic’ day of the year. They are not Mumbai’s Shiv Sainiks who vandalize and ravage city’s trendy gift stores at the fanatic Bal Thackaray’s behest. Nor are they people of a bygone era who turn their backs on a love-laden, new-generation Valentine’s Day. They are lively and lovely teen Torontonians who want to protest the way the day is celebrated.

Teen groups recently ‘uncelebrated’ Valentine’s Day in several places in Toronto with slogans ‘Love Stinks, Cupid’s Stupid and Roses are Dead’. No cards, chocolates, flowers, candy-grams, parties and dances. Clad in red and black, they would rather ‘enjoy’ the day with ‘cranky crafts, moody music and spiteful’ snacks. They would also make Gothic sock puppets with body piercings, black roses out of duct tapes and fake break-up letters to boot.

This is an emerging trend especially among the youngsters north of the US border. In the city, there are already hundreds of 25-49-year-olds who turn out every year for what is known as “Toronto’s largest singles anti-Valentine’s Day party.” They share their experiences of love and heart-breaks, deceptions and infidelity. They decry the commercialization of St. Valentine and profiteering of the day.

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