Valentine’s Day: Dreadful Day for Cheaters

v-day-cheaters(Spun off from a story done in 2007)

We just celebrated the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day. Since we don’t have any day dedicated to Kamadev, our Cupid, this is the only day when our love and affection manifest in heart-shaped chocolates and rose bouquets. In America it is a great day for florists, greeting card and candy companies. Unofficially, it is also the day most marriage cheaters and multi-sweethearts-lovers dread and the day many of them get caught red-handed aided by detectives.

Ever year, private detectives reap a good harvest on Valentine’s Day. It is the time of year when most of their cases begin or end. Suspicious spouses or partners, mostly women, approach them with pieces of information to investigate into the ‘other life’ of their partner. Equipped with spy cameras, bugging devices or telephoto lens these investigators go on the prowl looking for cheaters. The fallout becomes fatal to many a relation. Hundreds of couples break up. Several of them call it a day, filing divorce suits. The reason is simple – romance is there on everybody’s mind on Valentine’s Day. If anything is going on, it will happen on the day.

As Feb 14 nears, partners, married as well as unmarried, put their other halves under close surveillance to detect the meaning of their promises. Everything that is uncared for months undergoes a close scrutiny. A credit card bill or a receipt from a gift shop, featuring two same gifts, might the let the cat out of the bag. Sometimes, a person becomes anxious when he/she discovers the partner is absent for hours on end with no cognitively justifiable reason and tries to find out what they have is really true love.

Often, the unfaithful would themselves spill the beans by confusing their lies. For instance, if he bought two pairs of diamond earrings, he would say the other one was for his mom. Or his girlfriend says the new red-lace teddy is a gift from her sister. Also, when a partner is found at a strange location with a gold ring or flower bunch and the person says, if asked, that he/she was coming home, it would look a ridiculous lie to believe. 

But, the devious have their own way to do smart things. They schedule ‘business dinners’ with their various lovers on the days before Valentine’s Day to leave them free to spend the actual day with their spouse. Gumshoes and divorce lawyers, however, agree that the evidence of cheating is much easier to find on V Day despite several alibis and shrewd designs. Mr Unfaithful usually uses office related errands to get away. While Ms Unfaithful gives the excuse of visiting a sick friend or a relative. Cheaters are more likely to be seen buying double Valentine’s Day cards or gifts or likely to have two romantic meals with two different people.

In some relations, the trouble of adultery or infidelity is already brewing between partners and one chooses Valentine’s Day to unearth an unassailable evidence for a divorce. Reports by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts say, divorce filings spike in mid-February every year. And, the months that follow witness numerous break ups and divorces.


Recession and the Theory of Chaos

depression-breadline3In the early 1930s came the ‘great depression’. Along with it came massive layoffs, resulting in unemployment and poverty in epidemic proportions. Every second person was jobless. Every other family was poverty-stricken. Charities opened food counters where people lined up not in hundreds, but in thousands. Every penny that you now find lying on the streets and parking lots was more than priceless. A few grains could satiate a hungry stomach. Academics and engineers were willing to plough snow for others. Professionals, once rolled in money and luxury, were available for raking and mowing. So-called mean jobs were no longer confined to the poor and illiterate. Those who came to the land with that great American dream started rethinking. Thousands migrated back to their places of origin.

But, the inevitable happened. The World War II broke out, becoming a boon for America, and a bane for the rest of the world. President Roosevelt found opportunities in times of chaos. America became arms and ammunition manufacturer of the world. It even supplied tanks to its bête noir – the Soviet Union. They turned automobiles into tanks that wreaked havoc, ploughshares into weapons of choice. New entrepreneurs sprouted, new businesses branched out, new skills bloomed and it bore the fruits of a new system. With the mushroom cloud billowing up, they called it a day – finis. At last, peace prevailed after the great turmoil.

Now, chaos again. It all began in the late 1990s as a slump in business. Then, bubbles burst. Followed by dips, crashes and slowdowns until the authorities agreed to a recession. Now, panicky of a depression. Workers are laid off. Businesses are closing down. Millions live on food stamps. More and more houses are foreclosed. Not education of their children, people are now more concerned about saving their houses from foreclosures and putting food on the table. Pennies on the roads and parking lots are now being picked up. The literate are again asking for any kind of work, shoveling snow or stacking firewood. Day care centers for pets are being closed and more pets are handed over to animal shelters. People have ceased to talk about new cars and SUVs and have started thinking about tomorrow.

Will there again be a boon – a war? Will their laboratories again develop the real weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)?  And, transform manufacturing units into units that make nuclear warheads? Will there be more mushroom clouds to kiss the heavens?

The Holy Bailout Shit!

Their agenda is simple – when they make profits, they share among themselves, and when they incur losses they want you to share them. Nice economics – for them. Nice economics for the columns that support corporate interests. This is what privatization of profits and nationalization of losses. When they are financially bailed out, it is not their money that goes into the salvaging ritual. It’s your money – your hard-earned money. Who cares for you, by the way? They would continue to earn salaries in millions, place orders for private jets that cost millions, spend thousands in luxury hotels and float promotional ads worth millions even while drowning in debts. Because they know their debts are your debts.

When the capital market flashes pleasant figures, they take home millions as perks and bonuses, enjoy enormous hikes and allowances. When the stocks and shares plunge, they save their asses. Nobody is held responsible for anything, none is convicted and not even indicted. Once the dust of trouble settles, like simians they swing from one branch to another. They get away with everything they do.

An ideal situation is the nationalization of these companies and corporations. Governments can bail out these financial or manufacturing entities by bringing them under their control. If the money is tax payer’s that should be the only way out and only option they should resort to.

If administrations are really interested in saving these unscrupulous Bailout Protestcorporations and ‘insolvent’ multi-billionaires, they should also ensure every penny spent saves jobs along with companies. From numerous bail-out choices, they should go for companies that are more labor intensive like the automobile. They will certainly be saving thousands of jobs and that many families. There should be a ceiling/limits put for salaries drawn by CEOs and other top company officials. Those who travel chartered flights and fly private jets in times of crises should be incarcerated. The bottom line is no luxury at the expense of hardworking tax payers.